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From Desktop to your couch

CNET Video (CNET TV as it was formerly called) was in an identity crisis when I first joined CBSi. The content was great but the design failed to surface videos and much modern functionality was missing. A design overhaul was overdue. Working along the product manager, we devised a plan to give CNET users access to a larger amount of videos and the tools they wanted to watch, download, and share videos. The result ended in an increased percentage of streams, page views, and shares. Scroll down on this page to learn more about our 10 foot experience.

  • • Art Direction
  • • UI Design
  • • Web Design

CNET Video home page. The new design made it easier to watch, download, share, and explore CNET videos.

(Left) Individual video page - featuring a larger video player, related content and commenting. (Right) Category page featuring all the videos related to that topic.

Don't forget the player

Along with the redesign of the whole site, the player controls for video were updated. In this version streamlined controls along with a new aesthetic was set to match the tone of the whole CNET site as well as work in a standalone environment.

Examples of some of the player's UI.

CNET from your couch

I partnered up with a third party to create a CNET app for Samsung Smart TVs. The purpose was to take our popular CNET video and make it accessible anywhere. This app allowed users to enjoy CNET videos on their big screens by being accessible through the Samsung's smart app hub. Additionally, we wanted to capture a tech savvy audience who were willing to try our app on their TVs.

Loading screen as you enter the app.

Users can browse through content with their TV remote while the video is playing.

CNET App in the Samsung Smart Hub. Image courtesy of Samsung website, modified by me to to enlarge the CNET app icon.

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