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CNET on any device.

The original CNET mobile site was incredibly slow and cumbersome. The goal was to give users the premium content of CNET that could be accessed through any personal device regardless of operating system and carrier. In this version of CNET mweb, we stripped down rich aesthetics to provide a quicker load time while emphasizing the content of our site. Added product features and a streamlined experience resulted in a large increase in the percentage of traffic and return rate, while reducing bounce rate. For the first time in CNET history, mobile traffic was equal to the desktop traffic.

  • • Art Direction
  • • UI Design

CNET on any device.

A list of content is presented in order of time posted. An endless scroll or load upon scroll led to increased engagement and a larger amount of page views.

Article page and sharing.

Review pages – (From right to left) CNET Review, User Reviews, Shop page.

Video and photo gallery pages.

With so much breadth of CNET content, a left side nav was implemented with a primary and secondary topics.

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