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The CNET iPad app had two main goals: Give users the opportunity to discover premium content or let them distill the news and reviews they want to see. We optimized each inch of the app to create the most personal experience of CNET had to date. The refreshed UI and experience was recognized by Apple and we were honored to be featured under “Best New apps” in the app store, and categorically in “Best News Apps” upon its initial release.

  • • Art Direction
  • • UI Design

CNET 3.0 App – App icon & home screen.

Home Page - Users can tap between Featured and Latest content with segmented controls. The nav will move out of the way as you scroll down to give the full page attention to the content.

Navigation - When a user taps the navigation button, the background dims and darkens. The navigation list options cascade down (animation) revealing options to navigate.

Category page with tab bar in landscape view. The tab bar allows you to filter and sort products, as well as show the best products of that category or give the user a buying guide.

A subtle parallax effect occurs as a user scrolls up and down the an article. As the user scrolls down the image blurs and darkens. The red nav on the top also moves out of the way allowing the user to see more of the article as they read down the page. If a user scrolls back up, the red nav re-appears allowing the user search or go back.

An image gallery in landscape view.

Video in landscape and portrait.

CNET Review and User Review.


The CNET app is not only a great news source, but a powerful research tool as well. Search and filtering received an overhaul allowing users to find content quickly and easily. These tools empower users to research products or find specific content.

Search and Search results.

Product finder and filtering.

An Honor to be honored

This version of our app featured a refreshed UI and experience. We were honored by Apple, to be featured under “Best New apps” in the app store, and categorically in “Best News Apps” upon our intial release.

The CNET app featured in "Best New Apps" in iTunes.

CNET was also featured as a Best New App in the news category.

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