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CNET on the Apple Watch is the most personal way to keep with tech news and reviews. Anchored by the world’s largest volume of high-quality unbiased product reviews, CNET on your Apple Watch ensures you will always be up to date with the latest tech news, reviews, videos, and photo galleries. For this first version, the app offers up to the minute latest content from CNET in a thirty item feed.

  • • Art Direction
  • • UI Design
  • • UX Design

Loading indicator designed by Viva Tung.

Home listing. The first and latest item shows an image followed by thirty pieces of content of CNET's latest tech news, reviews, photos and videos. Items are sorted by latest first, and follows the branding of our iPhone app's branding and visual identity.

An example of the home listing page and how it looks as you scroll. You can also force touch the home listing to refresh the screen ensuring you see the latest items.

Read now or later

In our latest release we introduced a "Save for Later" feature both on the watch and the phone. When a user taps an article or piece of content, they are given a summary of that article. Force touching the page gives the user the option to save for later, which subsequently saves to their iPhone for later consumption.

Tapping a piece of content loads an image, the title of the article, and a summary of the article. This is an example of what it looks like as you scroll down a piece of content. Should the user want to read more or save for later, the user can force touch the article and a "Save for Later" feature will appear which bookmarks the content on their phone.

Save items for later by force touching any piece of content.

Review page.

Gallery page and subsequent photo page.

Never miss a beat with glances and notifications

Glances and notifications make it easy to keep in touch with the latest tech news. Glances allow the user to get a quick glimpse into the latest CNET content without opening the app, and tapping it will take them directly to that article. Notifications ensure that users will never miss a breaking story by alerting you.

A Glance, a short look, and a long look notification.

Hand-off feature ensures that while you are looking at a piece of content on your watch you can read that same content on your watch just by swiping up the CNET icon on your locked screen. You'll be automatically taken to the content that's on your wrist.

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